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Crain's Tampa Bay: High Demand Among Consumers to Fuel Lennys Grill & Subs' Growth in Tampa
The city was recently named one of the top medium cities for growth in the quick service industry.

QSR Magazine recently named Tampa one of the top medium cities for growth within the quick service industry. Due to the market's rapid population growth, among other factors, it has become a highly demanded expansion area.

Bob Ritter of Lennys Grill & Subs explained that Tampa is at the top of the brand's list when it comes to future development. He told Crain's, “The blue collar/white collar ratios are very good, average income is right in the sweet spot, the population is growing. And let’s face it, baby boomers are going south. All these people are coming from somewhere and the full-time population is greater and not as transient.”

In addition to its two Tampa locations, Lennys is hoping to open restaurants in Orlando and Naples within the next six months.

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