Lennys Grill & Subs Builds Momentum of Brand Reimage While Maintaining Loyal Fans

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Lennys Grill & Subs Builds Momentum of Brand Reimage While Maintaining Loyal Fans
Lennys Grill & Subs Builds Momentum of Brand Reimage While Maintaining Loyal Fans
Even with an updated look, the premium sandwich franchise celebrates its loyal guests

Two years ago, Lennys Grill & Subs took strategic steps to give its locations a makeover in both menu and restaurant design. The decision to re-image restaurants across the system was made in order to emphasize the "grill" aspect of the restaurant since approximately 51% of products sold on average are grilled.

The new color palette features  red, golden toned yellows, and a white subway tile backsplash rather than muted beiges and taupe.  Grove wood wall details, concrete counters, open ceilings, and stained concrete floors, also invoke a more inviting atmosphere. The brand also added menu offerings to its iconic Philly cheesesteak line, while also looking to more nutritious offerings for a millennial and increasingly health-conscious consumer base.

The brand began the reimage work  in 2016, and they are planning to reimage 50 locations in 2017, with 48 more planned in 2018 and they have already seen success with the new model.

“One of our franchisees in AL is up 4.5 percent in menu sales since the reimage, ” said President and CEO Kevin Martin. “Another franchisee in FL who opened one of our newest locations with the new design of Lennys Grill and Subs has consistently performed as one of our top producing restaurants in the entire system.

The timeline of the re-image from initial discussion to completion takes around four to six months, with just two to three weeks of actual construction. Martin said he and other members of the leadership team are working to minimize restaurant downtime by doing construction overnight, or closing if necessary to expedite completion.

The Lennys leadership team is committed to building more successes for franchisees through the re-image and is working to educate its operators about the value of investment for a refreshed look to improve long-term profitability.

With upward trending sales, it’s clear that the change in menu and restaurant appearance brought new guests into locations across the Southeast, while maintaining Lennys loyal guest following. This is evident as the brand celebrated the giveaway of its one millionth free sub through the brand’s loyalty program in June.

Through its VIP Rewards Program, Lennys gives back to guests for their loyalty by thanking them with the opportunity to get free menu items during a future visit. For each loyal fan who buys nine subs, the tenth one is free. And this June, the brand is recognizing one million free subs that have been given away to VIP Rewards Program Guests.

To celebrate, on Tuesday, June 27th, the brand offered its most loyal guests a 25 percent off discount for their purchase. 

“We wanted to give back to the loyal guests of Lennys Grill & Subs who helped us reach this milestone,” said Martin. “We also want to build on the momentum of both our deli and grilled sub offerings that keep guests coming back for more.”





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