5 Ways Lennys Makes Franchising Simple

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5 Ways Lennys Makes Franchising Simple
5 Ways Lennys Makes Franchising Simple
From ongoing training to marketing support, the sub sandwich franchise is committed to each franchisee finding success with Lennys.

Making a decision to purchase a franchise isn’t something that comes easy. It’s a thoughtful decision that families make in an effort to create the life they’ve always dreamt about. Lennys Grills & Subs understands the incredible commitment that comes along with joining a franchise and that’s why their number one priority has always been franchisee success. This sub sandwich franchise is serious about proving the ongoing training and support in order to ensure each Lennys restaurant is a long-term mainstay in their communities. Check out these five reasons why Lennys is the perfect franchise to join if you’re looking to start your franchise journey today.

Brand Recognition

Lennys has over two decades of operational experience and brand presence in the Southeast and South-Central U.S. Since the beginning, Lennys has been committed to delivering an outstanding food experience with genuine hospitality. According to Jennifer Benjamin, Vice President, Franchise & Market Development, customers have taken notice and fallen in love with the franchise. “We have over 400,000 Loyalty Members and over 100 locations open or in development. Any franchisee that signs with Lennys can have the comfort of knowing we’ve got a strong, built-in customer base.”


Lennys began franchising in 2001 and has helped entrepreneurs from all backgrounds become small business owners. Because of the robust curriculum that our training program is built around, no food service or restaurant experience is required to own a Lennys franchise. The brand has a five-week training program which allows them to experience every aspect of the restaurant business. Benjamin shared, “We have franchisees who come from all backgrounds: nurses, doctors, corporate America employees, farmers, etc. We feel confident that our training program will teach anyone how to be successful with our brand.”

Opening Support

The support doesn’t stop after the five-week training program. The ongoing support franchisee’s receive is an integral aspect to the brand’s mission of making every franchisee successful. Lennys has one of the most robust programs in the fast casual and sandwich franchise category which is broken down into four categories:

  • Site Selection: Site selection is often one of the most difficult parts of owning a brick-and-mortar franchise. Lennys partners with CBRE and utilizes their mapping technology to help identify key markets for success. Benjamin explained, “We determine market share opportunities based on other QSR competition versus market spend potential. We look at total demographics, including identifying how many businesses are within one mile of any location plus the number of employees at these businesses and what type of industry the business is associated with. We are able to identify daytime population and break down what that means from a working vs residential population. Lastly, we’ve incorporated our loyalty members into this analysis to help us identify where our core customers are more densely populated in any give market. All of which are key contributors to a successful restaurant franchise.”
  • Lease Negotiation: Lease negotiation is a daunting process for anyone that has no experience. Lennys negotiates all leases to help franchisees be better positioned when they open their restaurant.
  • Design and Construction: Upon signing their contract, franchisees are assigned a project manager who will help guide them through the entire construction process up through opening. The project manager will help implement the Lennys framework into the layout the franchisee chooses to pursue and negotiates the best possible deals for equipment and signage packages.
  • Training Support Team: With customer service being one of the most important aspects of the business, Lennys understands the value of hiring the right people. Benjamin shared, “Our team members will help franchisees hire, market their business locally to attract employees and get the word out to the community. Team members will visit the restaurant a week before opening and help train staff and plan for the grand opening event. After the opening, the team sticks around to ensure everything is running smoothly and employees feel comfortable executing the tasks at hand.”


Although Lennys has made a name for itself in the industry, an intentional marketing strategy helps franchisees drive traffic to the new locations. The corporate team assists in planning the grand opening event, provides national brand promotions, messaging to help build local marketing efforts, in-store displays to help promote LTO’s or national marketing efforts, social media outreach and more.

Established Business Models & Systems

Sometimes the hardest part about running a business is understanding the back-of-house systems. Lennys has years of experience in creating a dynamic system to help manage scheduling, inventory, payroll, IT and more. In addition, processes and procedures are documented so there is a seamless transition into creating the delicious Lennys subs guests know and love. The sub sandwich franchise also provides online training modules with include extended support to help franchisees continue their training and education.

With startup costs of $188,216 - $396,146 and locations available in the Southeast and South-Central U.S., there’s no better time than now to own a Lennys Grill & Subs. Click here to learn more. 


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