Lenny's Subs Franchisee To Know: Steve Brady

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Lenny's Subs Franchisee To Know: Steve Brady
Lenny's Subs Franchisee To Know: Steve Brady
Steve Brady has been with Lenny's since 2000.
Brady got his first taste of the industry while attending the University of Southern Mississippi, where he began working for Chesterfields Restaurant Group. It was there that he met Len Moore, the founder of Lenny’s Sub Shops. When Moore decided to depart the group and start what would eventually become Lenny’s, Brady followed right behind him, opening his own string of franchises.

Brady became an integral part to the Lenny’s brand as he helped develop some of the franchise's first few locations in 2000. In 2004, Brady decided to take his talents from Memphis to the Gulf Coast. It was there that he helped nurture several Lenny’s franchises as the area developer for the Gulf Coast. He helped set up shops in Mississippi, Alabama and the end of Florida’s Pan Handle.

As one of Lenny’s founding fathers, Brady has been with the company for 14 years and is the president of the Lenny’s Franchise Advisory Council. He currently owns three locations, one in Pascagoula, Mississippi and two franchises in Mobile, Alabama. Brady said he has taken great pride in his franchises as he works with the community very closely and helps out with charities.

“We do a lot of outreach to local churches in addition to working with a number of organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Red Cross and United Way,” Brady said. “Lenny’s separates itself from the competition because of our excellent customer service and our exceptional product.”

The three franchises he is currently involved with aren’t the only ones he wants to tackle. The brand currently has 110 locations across the country and Lenny’s plans to open 12 new locations by the end of 2015, 18 in 2016 and 25 in 2017.

“We feel that markets across the country will definitely benefit from having a Lenny’s Subs franchise in their areas,” Brady said. “We provide tasty sandwiches and great customer service, both of which we feel would be welcome during our expansion.”
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