Lennys Grill & Subs Franchisee Credits Brand's Food and Great Business Model as Keys to Success

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Lennys Grill & Subs Franchisee Credits Brand's Food and Great Business Model as Keys to Success
Lennys Grill & Subs Franchisee Credits Brand's Food and Great Business Model as Keys to Success
In the midst of one of life's greatest challenges, Jim Harmer relied on regular trips to Lennys Grill & Subs for a sense of normalcy. Now, he's helping the brand expand in Florida.

Jim Harmer discovered his love for Lenny’s Subs while overcoming a major life event. In 2007, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. After surgery, radiation treatments and chemotherapy, he was told the cancer was in remission. As he would go for checkups in Tampa, Florida, he and his wife Karen would stop at a lunch spot before returning to work. But during one of these trips to the doctor’s office, Harmer and his wife took a detour and had lunch at a new place–that’s when he first experienced Lenny’s Subs.

The Lakeland, Florida resident said he would never forget the moment he first bit into one of the brand’s Italian subs. From then on, he was hooked, and Harmer would look for any reason to go to Tampa between regular checkups just to stop at Lenny’s Subs to grab some sandwiches. His love for Lenny’s Subs grew and grew, until, one day; he told his wife that he wanted to open a franchise close to their home. With her support, he reached out to the Lenny’s Subs team about a franchise opportunity.

“After spending the day with the Lenny’s Subs team, Karen and I left feeling really good about the franchise and the teams that are in place to help you succeed. I remember being told by the executive staff that Lenny’s Subs works for its franchisees, not the other way around,” Harmer said. “This really resonated with me. I visited and called many stores and owners, all were very open and honest about their experience with the Lenny’s Subs group—they all echoed that same sentiment.”

Before coming to Lenny’s, Harmer had worked as a deputy sheriff, in both in the county jail system and on patrol in Lakeland, Florida. Transitioning to business ownership was something new to him, but he felt comfortable because of the support Lenny’s provided.

“The people at Lenny’s Subs have been very helpful throughout the franchising process, and they have an awesome team who helped us negotiate a lease and really looked out for our best interests,” Harmer said. “Because of their franchise systems, I am able to focus on making good food and building relationships with my customers. The good people back at Lenny’s Subs headquarters are hard at work coming up with new ideas, recipes and systems to enhance my business and my customers’ experience every time they visit my shop.”

Lenny’s Subs is committed to providing great sandwiches and a guest experience that is second to none. With its best in class support and proven operating systems, Lenny’s Subs illustrates the major benefits of working within franchise system. Lenny’s Subs owners benefit from site selection assistance, marketing and grand opening promotion, four weeks of in-depth training with an additional ten days around the grand opening, and 24/7 assistance from other franchisees and executives that can answer any question big or small. Potential franchisees should expect their initial investment for a Lenny’s Subs to range from $141,000 to $366,000, depending on the real estate chosen.

Harmer went on to say that one of the great benefits of being a Lenny’s Subs franchisee is serving the community. The joy he felt while dining at a location is the same he wants to impart to his guests.

“I am so looking forward to seeing that look on my customer’s face the first time they bite into what will now and forever be their favorite Lenny’s sub—the same look Karen and I had when we first ate at a Lenny’s Subs after taking that detour years ago.”

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