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Superior Line of Grilled Sandwiches Leads Lenny's Subs to Become Lenny's Grill & Subs Across its Entire Franchise System
The brand is changing its position in the market to better educate consumers about its extensive, unique menu.

When customers walk through the door at Lenny’s Subs—the South’s favorite all-American sub sandwich franchise—they immediately notice something different: there are more than great deli subs. Lenny’s offers a whole line of grilled to order sandwiches. On any given day, a Lenny’s restaurant is filled with the wonderful aroma of meat and vegetables being cooked on the grill.

That’s something that consumers—and franchisees—won’t find at many sandwich chains. The brand’s menu isn’t limited to its line of delicious, hand crafted deli subs. Instead, Lenny’s locations fire up the grill every day to add more made to order options for guests to enjoy. So adding the word “grill” to the name is really a way to help guests know about all of Lenny’s great choices.

“Lenny’s Subs is starting to position itself as Lenny’s Grill & Subs in an effort to better educate consumers about our extensive menu. We have a large number of new guests entering our restaurants every week, and we want them to know we’re more than your average sandwich shop,” said Kevin Martin, president and CEO of Lenny’s. “It’s also a great way to recognize our top selling line of Philly subs, which are all made on the grill.”

At the center of that fan-favorite grilled sub line is the No. 1 selling Philly cheesesteak. With more than 25 million sold, Lenny’s customers consistently return to taste the irresistible flavor of the brand’s signature sandwich that’s made with grilled onions, grilled to order beef (Philly style), Swiss American cheese and all seasoned to perfection.

Lenny’s also serves an A1 Steak Sauce Philly, veggie Philly and multiple chicken Philly sandwiches.

“Our Philly cheesesteak isn’t just one of the best products on Lenny’s menu, it’s one of the best Philly cheesesteaks in the world. It stands out in the industry because of our strong commitment to quality,” said Martin. “That commitment doesn’t end with our Philly line—we serve the highest quality products across our entire menu.”

Beyond its superior grilled subs, Lenny’s is also positioning itself as Lenny’s Grill & Subs because it’s expanding its menu. The brand is currently testing out a line of new soups and salads that are in line with its core offerings. By adding to its already impressive menu, Lenny’s has the ability to capture even more guests’ attention.

Right now, there are two Lenny’s locations that are already operating under the “Grill & Subs” model. But the brand is preparing to roll out the new title across its entire system in the coming months.

“We’re thrilled about the opportunity to introduce new customers and loyal patrons to Lenny’s Grill & Subs. It really captures who we are as a brand, and how we continue to stand out in the highly competitive sub sandwich industry,” Martin said.

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