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South Charlotte Weekly: South Charlotte Sub Owner Finds Business Value in Military Training
In both the armed forces and business, teamwork and camaraderie are this entrepreneurs recipe for success.
From Desert Storm to Lennys Grill & Subs, Ronnell Bryant is ready to hang up his military boots and take on a bigger role in operating his Lenny's Subs location in South Charlotte. 
Throughout his life, Bryant has enjoyed cooking and working within the hospitality industry and had always intended to own and run a restaurant in town upon his retirement from the military. 
"Maybe it’s therapeutic. I just really get a joy out of preparing something and someone really liking what you do," Bryant told the publication.
He took over ownership of the Lennys on South Tryon Street and wants local residents to know there's a different regime at the helm and he's re-introducing himself to the community.
“You want to show some growth, upward mobility to keep people striving to improve,” Bryant said.
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